Serving on a mission trip has always been a dream of mine.

So, when the opportunity came about to join GAiN Australia on a trip to the Philippines in February 2023, I knew I had to do it.

Having served in the children’s ministry at church, I volunteered to help with the kids corner during our mission trip. Despite the occasional language barrier, it was evident that we had brought joy to their day. Honestly, meeting these children touched my heart more than I could have ever imagined 🥲

Initially, I thought this mission trip would simply be a bucket list item checked off. However, that wasn’t the case.

My podcast interview with Evangelism in Australia is out! Listen here 🎙️🎧

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God had other plans for me…

Upon returning home, I was overwhelmed by a desire to become more involved in humanitarian work. Every few years, I’d feel a void in my life. I served at church, sponsored children, and regularly donated to various NGOs. While I found fulfillment in these things, I knew there was more I could do.

After a 2-week period of reflection to ensure that I wasn’t having an “emotional high”, I reached out to GAiN. A few weeks later, I found myself navigating the application and interview process. To my surprise, I was approved!

And so, the journey begins! I’m thrilled to finally embark on this mission. Alongside working on communications and projects, I’ll also be getting involved with economic empowerment projects 3 days a week.

Who’s GAiN?

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the humanitarian arm of Power To Change, a worldwide Christian ministry organisation. The three main areas GAiN focuses on include humanitarian aid and development, the water for life initiative, and disaster response operations.

Power To Change is committed to helping fulfil the Great Commission. It was founded by Dr Bill and Vonette Bright as Campus Crusade for Christ International in 1951. There has been 6.7+ billion exposures to the gospel worldwide and we currently have 15,597 full-time missionaries serving in 190 countries.

On average, every 1.8 seconds a person comes to Christ through Cru Global.

(Power to Change is part of the Cru network)

Our Vision

ENCOUNTER Jesus today, IMPACT Australia tomorrow and REACH the nations for eternity.

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/ Medical /

On my last mission, we went to the Philippines to help those experiencing hardship and cannot afford healthcare. Many mothers with young children and the elderly lined up to see the doctors every day. In less than two weeks, we provided free medical care and health education to 1,000 people.

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/ Salvation /

Out of the 1000 people that we helped medically, we led about 600 people to salvation. It was amazing to hear that so many lives were impacted! Now we don’t just stop there as they are then followed up by local church communities and connected to a church in their area.

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/ Education /

Many girls and women don’t have access to affordable hygiene products. We were able to give out Luo Pads, which are reusable sanitary pads, and provided education on how to use them. Not only that, we also equipped them with patterns for them to create more and teach others.

Besides supporting me through prayers 🙏🏻

I need to find a team of ministry partners that will support me on this journey. Because like many mission organisations, Power to Change has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses.

So, would you consider partnering with me in this ministry by giving $100/m (or some other amount)?

*Please note that your donations to Power To Change aren’t tax deductible.

“Some people are called to contribute financially, others are called to be on the field.”

When I was meeting with the GAiN director to find out how I’d be able to help, what he said about being on the field really resonated with me, and that was how it all started!

I later had separate conversations with two friends where I discovered that this was God’s calling for me. One friend said, “I never had the desire to travel to Asia.” and another friend said, “I don’t ever think about the poor,” and to both statements I was like, “I do!”.

I thought every Christian think about those things. Apparently not, and that made me realise that maybe this isn’t for everyone and that it was a special desire that God had put in me.

That reminded me of the scripture from Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

I hope that encourages you! If you feel led to support me financially, your generosity will help me continue to go on these medical missions and be on the field with GAiN.

Our Mission

CONNECT people to Jesus

BUILD them in their faith

SEND them to do the same

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Would you consider partnering with me in this ministry by giving $100 per month (or some other amount)?

*Please note that your donations to Power To Change aren’t tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please email me at