Bespoke Event Stylist Website Project

Custom WordPress Website for Melanie Jane Weddings & Events

Bespoke Event Stylist Website Project WordPress Designer Australia MJWED Vivian Yeung

Website Design: Vivian Yeung

The Challenge

“Our website needed a complete overhaul as we had zero SEO ranking, the website was not optimized very well for both desktop and phone compatibility which meant that the user experience was not great and the load times were quite sluggish. We were very unhappy with our website provider.”

The Solution

A whimsical, storytelling website was created for MJWED to position her as an industry expert and attract more of her ideal clients. The website is now optimised for all devices to cater to different user experiences.
P.S. We also moved the website to an Australian server, making it a lot faster for users.

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Melanie’s Experience

I was blown away, everything we had asked for was done, Vivian worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was working well, that the layout and design was to our liking and made some really fantastic suggestions to help us with the set-up and layout of it all.

She is very personable so you will have many laughs along the way, and just like any business owner it’s awesome to have someone to talk with that gets that your business is your baby.”

What has exceeded your expectations since working together?

“Our Hire range page needed a LOT of work, I wanted a very particular layout and style and wasn’t sure if we would be able to get it but Vivian made it happen and we literally did a HAPPY DANCE when we saw the layout and design… I think there was actual tears at one point haha!”

What would you say to someone who’s considering getting their website done?

“I would say you HAVE to speak with Vivian! She’s fab, and you won’t be disappointed!”

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