A few of my favourite business tools I’ve used over the years:

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Web Hosting Provider

If you need a domain or hosting plan for your website, check out this Australian owned company. They are always super helpful! You will love their friendly customer service and technical support. Not like other “well-known” hosting companies out there, this is a fantastic local company that doesn’t treat you like a number!


Email Marketing

If you want to send beautiful emails to your clients, you should totally check out Flodesk. Not only do they have gorgeous email templates that are super easy to use, they also have a flat rate with unlimited emails and subscribers. Unlike other email marketing platforms, you aren’t getting punished for growing your email list.


Image Optimiser

No one likes a slow website and images often take up a lot of space. If you are looking for an image optimiser for your website, you will love this tool. You can choose to optimise your images with one-time credits or get on the monthly plan if you need it all the time. This is less bulky compare to other tools I’ve tried!


Graphic Design

If you can’t afford your own graphic designer, Canva might just be what you need. Designing your own marketing materials has never been easier with this online tool! Even though you do everything yourself, you get a massive library of custom designed templates. More than that you can use it on your mobile if you are always on-the-go! Being a designer myself, I definitely love that I can easily create artwork on my phone.


Social Media Scheduling

If you don’t have time to post on social media, be sure to check out Later. You no longer have to walk away from dinner to post or wake up at 3am for the best posting time. Later literally does it all for you! You get 10 free posts every month with the option of a post notification or have it automatically posted for you. Such a handy tool that you can use on your desktop or mobile. It’s perfect for when you are away from your desk.


Monetise Your Website

One of the best ways to earn passive income is to monetise your website and you can do that with Ezoic. You can get started right away as long as your website adheres to Google’s Ad Policy and has a minimum of 10k visits per month. I personally have seen a whopping 223%+ increase in my ad earnings. Ezoic is a much better alternative to Google Adsense if you are looking to increase your site revenue.


Live Chat Software

If you want to improve your user experience, you should totally have a live chat on your website. Many people actually prefer to use a live chat nowadays because they feel that they get a response a lot quicker compare to contact forms or emails.

More than that, you can easily answer all of your enquires on your phone with the Tidio app. If you’re on the go all the time, this is the perfect tool for it! You can try Tidio for FREE now and get up to 100 reachable visitors with the Tidio chatbots per month!

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