How Alison Got Her Website to Work for Her Coaching Business

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Parenting Coach Australia Support Solution for Overwhelmed Mothers Alison Brock

As an EFT practitioner and parenting coach, Alison works with parents, in particular mothers who may be overwhelmed with caring for their children and are looking for a path to emotional freedom. She provides 1:1 coaching sessions and helpful resources to guide them to let go, so they can feel calm and confident.

The Challenge and Problem

Before reaching out to me, Alison had a website that was outdated with pixelated images and text that looked like they were just slapped onto the page. She had hired someone to design it for her earlier that year but she realised that she wanted a more professional look.

“I bought a Bluehost package and WordPress and engaged a friend to input the data but I now realise that I want a more professional look and need more help.”, she said.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend using Bluehost if you want your website to be SEO friendly. Yes, they are cheap but their servers are super slow and Google doesn’t like slow websites – which will actually hurt your ranking in the long run.

The Solution

Alison and I worked together on her branding and website to give her that professional yet personal look for her coaching business.

“Vivian managed to create a beautiful website, with branding and a logo, that captures the essence of my business. It is personal yet professional, creating a sense of peace and calm, which is a difficult mix to get on a website.”, she said.

Let me walk you through the process…

1, The Branding Strategy

After a few conversations, we decided that we would scrap her existing website and start from scratch altogether! I also suggested that a personal brand Alison Brock for her business would be the best way forward so she could be positioned as the expert in her field.

To kick us off, Alison had to complete the Brand Clarity Worksheet which answered a number of questions and provided me with lots of information about her business. That allowed me to better understand what she wants for her brand.

2, The Design Process

We touched base to go through the worksheet together to make sure we were on the same page and I compiled it to create a Stylescape for her to review. From her completed worksheet, I was able to gather a few things about her business including why she started her business, what it does, who it is for, how she serves those clients and more. Below you’ll see the result of the Stylescape I’ve created for her business.

Here are the Stylescapes for Alison Brock:

Coaching Business Stylescape Parenting Coach Branding Stylescape Examples AlisonStylescape A

Coaching Business Stylescape Parenting Coach Branding Stylescape Examples Alison 2Stylescape B

Why Stylescapes?

A Stylescape gives you more of an idea of the visual direction your designer is going for. Something more tangible that you can feel when the elements are in front of your eyes. This includes a combination of highly curated images, colours, typography, patterns and more.

Alison loved the first Stylescape and this reassured me that we were heading the right direction before starting on the logo design, colour and font selection etc.

“Wow!! So impressive! I love your designs and styles. Both are amazing but I love the first one! Thank you!!”, she said.

See below result of her branding:

Parenting Coach Branding Female Coaching Business Logo Design Examples Alison

3, The Website Design and Page Build Process

While the branding design process was in full swing on my end, Alison was busy getting her photos and text ready for the website. After going through the content, I pulled out the best and most relevant for all the pages. Her preparation also included collecting testimonials and success stories from her clients which is equally important as it builds credibility for her business.

As always I started the homepage first because it sets the tone of the entire website. Once Alison was happy with the layout, we moved onto the other pages like About, Work with Me, Contact, etc. Since most people are on their phones nowadays, it’s also super important for her website to be user friendly across all devices.

Alison uses Dubsado (CRM, aka Client Relationship Management) for her business so we integrated the forms with her Contact and Book Now pages that she can easily receive and manage via her Dubsado dashboard.

VIP Day Rate Website Designer Australia Female Entrepreneurs Girl Boss

“I really love what you have done!!! Love all the different fonts and colours – it’s amazing!”, she said.

4, The Launch

After all the hard work, we were ready to launch the website! YAY! This is the most exciting part of the whole journey EVER! Alison sent her new website url to her friends and family individually and she got some amazing feedback that I’d love to share with you here.

See below feedback from other people:

“It’s so personal and professional and peaceful and loving… that’s a really hard mix to get on a website! Well done!”

“Site looks fantastic – very well communicated content. And love the little animations when you scroll down on a mobile.”

“Just browsing the page brings so much calmness.”

“Very nice website. I really like the animations.”

She also told me that she bumped into a school mum who looked at her website because someone recommended her to check it out. Even though they may not share her coaching services, they are sharing the website because of how amazing it looks. Don’t you just love that!?

“Such a beautiful website! Can I share it with my group?”

P.S. You never know who these people know and who they can refer your services to. When you have an awesome website, people would want to share it with others even without you asking them to.

“Oh my gosh your website is gorgeous and heavenly! I LOVE it! You can tell your web designer that the color pallet, the images, and the graceful flow of content together made me feel so soothed, nurtured and inspired! That’s no small trick, since most websites are very stressful. (I DID feel at peace, just reading your headline and seeing that gentle picture of you looking out at the water.)


Your spirit and “brand” is perfectly communicated and I’d love to recommend you to some of the parents of my school…”

Okay, whaaaaat!? When Alison sent me this, I was ecstatic about it because this is the ultimate goal! This feedback really made my day and I’m so happy for Alison and her brand new website that everyone is sharing with their friends!

Final Words from Alison

Even after weeks of launching her website, I keep receiving amazing messages from Alison about her experience and I just can’t help but share this with you in case you’re in the same boat too.

“I was at a complete loss as to where to start! I didn’t know much at all about creating a website, so I felt like I didn’t give you a lot of instructions. You just asked the right questions, quickly understood who I am and what my business was about and then created the perfect branding – logo, colours, font etc.


When I saw what you produced, I knew it was exactly what I wanted – you communicate it perfectly.”, she said.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start with your branding and/or website, let me help you to present your business “baby” to the world. Click here to check out my services.

Website Launch Feeling Rafiki Simba

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