My Website Monetisation Experience with Ezoic

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Best Website Monetisation Platform My Ezoic Experience

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If you’re looking for a website monetisation tool, you can’t look past Ezoic. The fact that you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a Google Adsense alternative so you can make more money. Or you’ve received an invitation from Ezoic or heard people talking about it and you’re wondering if it’s actually any good.

Ezoic is totally legit and I honestly wish I had found this website monetisation tool sooner. At the time of writing this, I’d been with Ezoic for almost two years and I’d love to share my experience with you.

Keep reading till the end for some practical tips to use Ezoic to your advantage and make more money with your website.

To Start Off with My Ezoic Experience…

Ezoic has helped me grow in so many areas, specifically in writing, goal setting and making passive income.

Ezoic helped me become a better content creator

When I saw the potential in how much I could make with Ezoic, I started getting excited about the many ways of making my site better. By consuming different resources, it was clear to me that I had to have more useful and SEO friendly content on my website. More than that, it’s important to have a website that can be easily found by Google and helpful enough to make users want to stay on for longer.

After being on with Ezoic for some time, I used Big Data Analytics to find out what’s already bringing in lots of traffic and with the highest EPMV. This particular data showed me what users are loving and finding helpful so I took that on board and I focused on creating more similar content. By doing that for months, I saw a massive growth in my traffic and ads revenue.

See below growth in my pageviews and revenue

Ezoic Growth Rate Strategy Best Website Monetisation Tool

Ezoic Growth Rate Strategy Best Website Monetisation Tool 2

Ezoic helped me become a better goal setter

Setting and hitting goals have always been my thing and I thrive in the feeling of accomplishment. Despite having my traffic and revenue decrease in early 2021 (thanks Delta!), I still wrote down my goals because I wanted to believe that nothing is impossible. There were ups and downs and I’m not going to pretend that it was easy because it wasn’t. Some days were even worse than the first year of covid and that was incredibly disheartening!

A few months passed and I could see that I was a bit behind with my goals but it wasn’t time to give up. I kept working hard with my content and I started seeing a turn. Ezoic also introduced their Levels system not long after and I just got super excited because that made it even more achievable! When you can see the possibility in front of your eyes, it feels more real and tangible.

Ezoic Levels Program Growth Rate Strategy Best Website Monetisation Tool

Ezoic helped me make more money

When I first started with Ezoic, I was already so ecstatic that I was making so much more than Google Adsense everyday. You can read my blog post on how my ads income has increased by 223%+ even with the same amount of traffic. Fast forward to now, I’m making more than tripled every month. What I used to make in a month, I can make it in 3 days or less thanks to Ezoic! And that calls for a happy dance!

Making more money every month is AMAZING! But with Ezoic, this is pretty much passive income. If you want a “set and forget” way of making money, I cannot recommend implementing ads on your website enough. Of course, you’ll need to keep producing helpful content to your audience to continue to grow but honestly my most popular and profitable posts are still written from years ago.

3 Practical Tips on Using Ezoic to Your Advantage

Here are a few things I wish I had done sooner. Follow these tips and you’ll definitely make more money because that’s how exactly I’ve done it.

1, Use as many placeholders as possible

For a long time I didn’t have placeholders set up because I was scared that it would drive people away. While you don’t want your website to look spammy, the whole point of putting ads on your site is to make money, right? Then you need to have spaces on your website for companies to place their ads.

The truth is that people are already used to seeing ads on blog posts so don’t worry about annoying them. If you’re starting out with Ezoic, just put as many placeholders as you can and if they ever become too overwhelming, you can always disable them!

2, Start creating Ezoic videos today

The amount I make with videos alone in a month nowadays equals to (if not more than) what I was making with Google Adsense. Looking at the numbers makes me go – OMG, why didn’t I start creating videos sooner?

The biggest obstacle many people may have is that they don’t know what to say in videos and that’s fair enough. Not everyone’s comfortable in front of the camera so that fear is valid. Mine too lol However, what if I told you that I’m not in any of my videos and they are all done in Canva. Yes, they are literally all a combination of text and images with a sound track to make it more exciting!

When the first videos went off, I knew that I was onto something and I had to start creating more. You know what else? Many of my videos are also showing on the first page of Google which is double winning! So all that to say, just start today! The first one isn’t going to be your best but you can always replace it later on. If I can do it, you can too!

3, Learn how to use Big Data Analytics better

To really know how your ads are going, you need to use Big Data Analytics. Whether you like looking at stats or not, numbers don’t lie. The more thorough you understand what’s working and what’s not, the more money you can make with Ezoic.

For example, you can use Big Data Analytics to find out which landing page is getting the most traffic. You can see which categories are getting the most attention from your readers. If you hire writers for your blog, you can find out whose authors’ content have the best reading span. All of these stats tell you what you should write, what kind of topics interest people, who you should ask to write more and more.


Anyway that’s it from me, I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

If you’re keen to check out this amazing website monetisation tool, you can sign up for Ezoic and make more money with your website today!

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