5 Signs You May Have Website Shame

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Signs You May Have Website Shame Web Design for Wedding Planners

When you don’t like something you own, it’s completely normal to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. The same goes with your wedding planning website, it’s an essential part of your business and if it’s not something you’re proud to show off to others, you may suffer from “website shame”.

In this blog post, I’ll be going through a few signs to know that you may have website shame.

If you do suffer from “website shame”, it’s not the end of the world and it may just mean that it’s time to give your wedding planning website a makeover!

1, Your website is still on “maintenance” after months

This may mean that you had your website redesigned but you’re not 100% happy with it, so you procrastinate and keep postponing the launch date. If that’s the case, you should communicate that with your website designer. Let them know what you’re not happy with and see if they can help you solve that issue. After all, a website sitting behind the maintenance wall isn’t helping you reach your dream brides (or anyone for that matter).

2, You avoid sharing your website url as much as possible

The truth is that you don’t want people going over to your website EVER so you try to not give it out at all. If you had a choice, you wouldn’t even put it on your business cards, email signature, social media profile… The last thing you want is for potential brides to see the horridness of your website! Then again, this website isn’t doing you any justice by not getting seen by the world.

3, You don’t even go on your own website much

If you don’t even want to look at your website at all, that’s really sad! After all, your wedding planning website should be like your virtual office that’s open 24/7. The fact that you’re not going on it means that you’re probably embarrassed or like a client said one time, “I hate my website so much!”. That’s a strong indication of website shame, and you should totally think about getting it redesigned.

4, Your website doesn’t align with your business anymore

Okay, this is completely normal if you’ve just had a rebrand and your website looks nothing like your new branding. It just means that it’s time for a new website that will reflect your new brand message and visuals.

5, You’re reading this blog post right now

The fact that you’ve landed on this page says it all. You’re not happy with your wedding planning website. Otherwise, why would you even look at a post on “website shame”. It may be a sign that you need to bite the bullet and get a professional to help you with your website.

You most likely already knew what you needed to do, but you wanted some kind of assurance from someone. Well, here it is – you need help, and I’d love to get you out of this website shame hole!

Okay, I’ve only told half the truth, because what’s really going to happen is that you’ll be on a freaking mountain top. Seriously, you’ll love your wedding planning website so much that all you want is to tell everyone about it. It’s the BEST feeling ever! Many clients have experienced that and wished that they’d made the decision sooner.

If you’re ready to create a website that you’re proud of, let’s do it together! Click here to find out more about my web design services.

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