7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Sales

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Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Sales Best Website Conversion Tips

Your website looks amazing and you’re so proud of it. You share it with everyone you know but you hear nothing. No enquires, no sales, no nothing! Don’t you just hate that!?

Maybe the buttons aren’t linking properly… Nope, they are working fine.
Maybe the contact form isn’t loading… It seems to be going through.
Maybe, maybe, maybe…

So many scenarios are going over and over in your head, but nothing seems to be IT.

In this blog post, we’ll go through a few reasons why your website isn’t converting sales.

1, People don’t know what you REALLY do

Perhaps users have trouble finding out what you can really do for them. Do you have too many slideshows happening? Are your images not showing off your best work?

On the other hand there may be way too many offers on the website that cause them to feel overwhelmed. Did you know that people get decision fatigue when there are too many options in front of them? Maybe it’s time to simplify your services.

Pro tip: What’s the ONE service that brings you the most sales? That would be the best seller in your business, so feature that on your homepage.

2, Your website takes FOREVER to load

Maybe you’re getting clicks and visits to your website but nothing on the enquiries because people can’t be bothered to wait. A slow website could be turning your potential clients away. No one wants to wait for anything anymore, so it’s super important to have a website that loads pretty quickly! A fast website makes you, your potential clients, and Google happy! What more can you ask for?

Pro tip: Your website shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds to load. Make sure you always optimise your images before uploading them onto your website.

3, Your website is outdated

No matter how amazing your offers are, if your website doesn’t ooze trust and confidence, it’s going to be hard to convert those clients. Does your website look like it was done back in the early 2000s? If so, why haven’t you moved with the time? Your potential clients may think your business is old school or worse – no longer operates.

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4, Your website isn’t device friendly

People are on the go all the time, so it’s super important to have your website optimised for all devices today. You need to make sure your website works perfectly for people on the train or in their cars. If your website is unusable on a mobile device, you’re missing out on potential clients.

What does it mean to have a device-friendly site? It means the videos aren’t glitchy when mobile data is being used (some websites actually turn them off for that reason), and font sizes are easy to read on all devices. In a nutshell, the overall user experience is as impeccable on the desktop as it is on a mobile or tablet device.

Pro tip: Send your website to your previous/current clients and ask for their honest feedback.

5, Your website isn’t seen by the right people

Yes, your friends and family saw your link and clicked on it. That’s great, however, they’re most likely not your ideal clients, so you can’t expect sales to come from all sorts of directions from that one share.

If you’ve just launched your website, chances are it’s nonexistent on Google. Be patient, as it will take a bit of time for your website to go live on the world wide web. In saying that, it’s important for you to share your website on platforms where your potential clients hang out. That would be your best chance of getting your website seen by the right people.

Pro tip: Ask your clients where they found you, and hang out there more!

6, Your website focuses on you and your business too much

Your clients want to know that you care about their needs and that you can actually help them with your service/product. When your website focuses too much on yourself, it can appear that it’s all about you and your business. Most people don’t actually care about anyone other than themselves. It’s just human nature. When you use too much “I” or “we” in your website copy (that refers to you and your business), people tend to switch off very easily because all they want to know is if you can help them with their problem.

While it’s important to let your potential clients know that you’re the best at what you do, focus on speaking into their problems. Get into their shoes and imagine how they would like to be spoken to. By doing that, it shows that you truly understand them and what they’re coming to you for.

Pro tip: Your clients want to know that you’re the solution to their problem, so show the end result of how your service/product can help them, and try to use more “you” throughout your copy.

7, You don’t have any social proof

Before they hand over their hard-earned cash, people want to know that they can trust you. One way to show that you’re credible is to include some happy testimonials or successful client stories. Use your testimonials to your advantage by placing them everywhere on your website. Your potential clients want to see the experience of your service/product to assure them that you’re the best person for the job.

Pro tip: To make it even more credible, don’t forget to ask for a photo of themselves or their “before and after” if you can. A video testimonial is even better showing that it’s a real person!


There you have it, we hope you got a few pointers to converting your website better. Once you understand what the actual problem is, you’re halfway there! Just make those changes now and you’ll start to see improvements on your website conversion.

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