What To Do When Your Wedding Business Is Slow

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What To Do When Your Wedding Planning Business Is Slow 3

Slow wedding seasons are scary, aren’t they? You see a drop in traffic and enquiries which means low sales resulting in less than satisfied cash flow.

When your business is slow, you tend to feel a bit anxious about when your next booking will come. It’s not uncommon to make bad decisions during these desperate times hence why it’s wise to prepare for it.

After all, it’s not IF but WHEN these slow seasons will come.

Without further ado, here are “5 Things to Do When Your Wedding Business is Slow”.

1, Create More Touchpoints

Did you know? 97% of visitors aren’t ready to buy from you. As simple as that.

So, you should create more touchpoints for potential brides to know and come back to you.

Let’s start with reaching out to your previous clients. Hear me out on this part… You’ll see how they eventually become touchpoints for potential brides.

Follow Up with Your Previous Clients

Firstly, reach out to your brides like you would to an old friend. Don’t overthink this. Ask how they’ve been going and see if there’s anything else you can help them with.

Word of mouth is your best friend. So, secondly, be sure to ask them if they could think of anyone who’s getting married and may need your wedding planning service.

Remember you aren’t bothering them, this isn’t selling.

What you’re doing here is caring. You’re checking in with them after their wedding and asking them if they know anyone that needs the same help.

Going in with an attitude of helping your brides will make you feel more confident in reaching out to them!

Ask Them for A Happy Testimonial

If you haven’t already done this, do it now. Send them an email, a message, or however you contact your brides.

This will give your wedding planning business more credibility when it comes to attracting new brides.

Be strategic about asking the right questions so they give you more than “She’s awesome!”.

Your testimonials should connect with potential brides and make them feel something.
Your testimonials should make potential brides want what your clients have.
Your testimonials should show that you’re the expert in making their dream wedding a reality.

See below list for some questions to ask your brides to get better testimonials.

Questions to Ask to Get Better Testimonials:

  • What was it like working with me?
  • What were you struggling the most before? How did I help you with it?
  • What has exceeded your expectations since working with me?
  • Would you recommend me to other brides?
  • What would you say to someone who’s wanting to hire a wedding planner?

Pro tip: Always provide an option for a video testimonial from your brides as that makes it even more real and credible.

Write A Case Study

Before you switch off and think this sounds like school again… Hear me out.

What you’re doing here is share about their experience and transformation on working with you!

People connect with life-changing stories more than anything.

If you’re able to put your clients’ experience into words, write a blog post about it. Include any photos and visual elements that will support your “case”… 😉

Walk people through how your thought process works, how your wedding planning service has transformed a bride’s life and how they can have that too!

As you can see, these points are evergreen and you can do them in every slow season. Even better make it part of your process and you’ll see the ripple effect as you continue to build your wedding planning business.

2, Get Ahead with Your Admin Work

Whether it be sorting out your finances, creating email templates or setting up training manuals, there’s no better time to do them than right now.

All of these are important tasks that are very much needed but sometimes neglected due to busyness. When you have a slow wedding season, get on top of the things you don’t normally have time for.

Maybe it’s time to make your business more streamlined. Check out some of my favourite resources here.

Whatever you do now, future you will thank you for this when you’re hit with a busy wedding season again!

3, Optimise Your Best Offer

Ideally you should already know which service is the most popular but if you don’t, now is the best time to find out.

Once you know what brings in the most brides, you can then focus on promoting that particular service to get more bookings.

If it’s already doing well, why not push it more to increase exposure on that popular service.

Being it a bestseller, you know that brides WANT it. So, by getting more eyeballs on it, you’ve got the potential to make more money!

Look at what already works really well and make it better. After that, work on adding more value and charging more for it.

You know what they say, “give the people what they want”! Say it louder for the people at the back!

What To Do When Your Wedding Planning Business Is Slow 2

4, Connect with “Popular” Wedding Websites

Why “popular”? Well, these wedding websites already have a well established follower base and a mention of their name will most likely give you more credibility than others.

How to Connect with Popular Wedding Websites?

  • Comment on their blog posts, social media…
  • Sign up for their free (or paid) directory
  • Reach out for a feature
  • Ask for a collaboration or partnership
  • Organise an interview for a podcast or blog post

It’s completely normal to feel discouraged when your wedding business is slow. You may feel like you’re “not enough”, and you start to compare yourself with other wedding planners.

Don’t wallow in self-pity. I’ve been there and done that. This isn’t good for you!

Now let’s get back to connecting with popular wedding pros…

Say if you get a sponsored post on a popular wedding blog, that’s brand exposure for your business AND instant confidence boost which will help push you through this slow wedding season.

Of course, this is a fantastic way to get your business out there and in front of brides on and off season!

5, Learn A New Skill (or Two)

“If you are not growing, you are dying.” – This quote gets me every single time.

Busy wedding seasons most likely mean you’re constantly on the go, away on the weekends and don’t have time for growth. If you’re having a moment to sit down now, consider reading a book or listening to a podcast that will help you grow your wedding planning business.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn how to make passive income with your wedding business. Get started today! You’d only wish that you had jumped on it sooner!

Maybe you need help with certain areas of running your business. What better time for you to level up your personal and professional life right now?

Never underestimate the power of slow wedding seasons! You’ll come out of it sooner than you think. More than that, you’ll come out stronger at the end.


There you have it, I hope this blog was helpful to you and gave you some good ideas on what to do when your wedding business is slow.

Time is on your side right now. Why not give these things a go and you just never know what they may bring to your business!? Let me know what you did in the comments below.

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