5 Proven Ways to be More Productive

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Are you looking for ways to be more productive? Whether you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, knowing how to be more productive definitely makes a huge difference in your everyday.

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How to Work Smarter, Not Harder?

Doing more things doesn’t always mean you are getting somewhere with your business.

Knowing how to prioritise your tasks is just as important as knowing how to find your clients. Well, that itself is a topic for another day…

Procrastination is a distraction and YOU don’t have time for distractions. When you are not doing things that build your business, you are spending time doing things that prevent you from getting where you need to be.

Even though procrastination may seems harmless at that moment, it actually pulls you away from all the things you could be doing and taking you closer to your goal.

Are you ready? Let’s learn how to be more productive and work smarter, not harder.

5 Proven Ways to Be More Productive Right Now:

1, Turn Your Phone Off

Turn Your Phone Off 5 Ways to be More Productive Work Smarter Not Harder

I know, I know this is a hard one.

Most people are pretty much glued to their phones. Guilty! However once you managed the art of turning your phone off, you will be able to get more things done.

How many times did you get distracted by your phone when it rings or goes ‘ding’!? 😛

Yup a hundred times a day!!

If you can’t turn your phone off completely due to any business or emergency purposes, then I would suggest you to turn off your internet or mobile data at least.

Anything to keep Whatsapp or Instagram/Facebook Messenger away from you while you try to work.

You can also turn off your notifications on your phone.

When you do the above, you become a lot less reactive to things and you actually take back control of your life.


Because you are choosing when you are spending time on social media, replying to your friends and family etc…

2, Kill That News Feed

Kill News Feed 5 Ways to be More Productive Work Smarter Not Harder

This is short and sweet!

Go download the Kill News Feed plugin from the Google Chrome Web Store.

You won’t regret it 😉

This is one of the best tools I’ve ever come across because I’ve been so guilty of endlessly scrolling on Facebook in the past.

Before you know it, you’ve been wasting your precious time on other people’s lives for hours.

Money comes and goes, but remember time just goes… You can never get it back!

Click here to download the Kill News Feed plugin now!

3, Write a To-Do List the Night Before

Why To Do List The Night Before 5 Ways to be More Productive Work Smarter Not Harder

Notice I said the night before


Because when you do it before you go to bed, it means you can start getting things done as soon as you get up.

You know instead of spending hours try to figure out what needs to get done in the morning.

Before you know it, time has gone and you could have used it to complete important tasks.

You may have already been doing this but it still doesn’t work for you…!?

Let me ask you, how many tasks do you have on your list?

10? 18? 25?

The trick to writing a to-do list is to not overwhelm yourself with 57 things.

Try starting with only 5.

Yup 5 things!

Did you know that your brain actually feels more satisfied when you complete 1 out of 5 things on your list rather than 1 out of the 57?

When you feel more satisfied, you feel more motivated to smash those tasks…

Nothing better than feeling accomplished on a daily basis, right?!

4, Set a Timer for Each Task

Time Audit Set A Timer 5 Ways to be More Productive Work Smarter Not Harder

Before you start with this tip, it’s important to do a time audit first.

What I mean by that is that you record how much time you need to spend on each task.

You can easily do this if there are any repeated tasks on your everyday. On the other hand, you can roughly guess how long you will need on any new tasks and adjust them for future reference.

Be realistic as to how much time you need for each task.

For example, there is no point of setting a timer for 15 mins to complete a blog post when in reality you actually need 45 mins.

If you set a timer for way too short, it will only stress you out with all the tasks being pushed back later on.

This little trick can really prevent you from procrastinating and you will get things done A LOT quicker.

Urgency works! It gives you no time for any procrastination because you are on the go the whole day!

5, Find Out when You Work Best

Morning or Evening Person 5 Ways to be More Productive Work Smarter Not Harder

If you are a morning person, make sure you get all the big tasks done earlier during the day.

Always try to complete the important tasks when you are in your best state of mind. That means you leave the things that require less brainwork in the evening.

On the other hand, if you tend to be an evening person, don’t force yourself to get the big tasks done in the morning. The reason being that you will get exhausted a lot sooner than you should, both physically and mentally.

Knowing when your body and mind work best is one way to being more productive!

Instead you can do the things that don’t require too much brainwork first, repeated tasks like laundry, washing dishes, exercising, filing documents etc.

Does that make sense? 🙂


I hope these 5 tips helped you and you are ready to be more productive from this second!

You can do this, you go-getter!

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