Why You Should Celebrate The Small Wins in Business

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Why Celebrating The Small Wins Along The Way Is So Important To Your Business

I believe celebrating the little victories along the way can help you fast track your business success.

Notice I said “fast track”, not “overnight success” because I don’t believe that at all.

Why Is It Important to Celebrate Small Wins?

A big goal can sometimes seem a bit too overwhelming and makes you doubt yourself when things don’t work out the way you want it to be. Like taking baby steps, the more steps you take, the closer you get to your ultimate goal.

Take it one step at a time. Recognise the little things that are going well (or just working in general!) and celebrate them!


Celebrate your first client
*come on!*

Celebrate your first collaboration with another company
*let’s do this!*

Celebrate your first 5 star review

Ok, enough about the firsts… How about after that?

Why Celebrating The Little Victories Along The Way Is So Important To Your Business

Celebrate when your client tips you because they just love your service

Celebrate when your client receives their order before the ETA

Celebrate you getting a better deal with another supplier
*stop it!*

That actually happened to me when I found a supplier that offers a fraction of the cost I was paying. I was so ecstatic and literally did a happy dance in the car all the way back home.

So celebrate those little victories!

Yes, send those “OMG, guess what just happened!?” messages to your friend!

These moments are so worth celebrating as they are little milestones that are great encouragements to get you till the end goal.

Don’t wait till you get featured on a magazine.

Don’t wait till you hire your first employee.

Don’t wait till you hit a million dollar revenue.

Recognising the small wins along the way makes the big goals in the long run more achievable.

It makes it seem more realistic so you don’t feel tempted to give up halfway!

So what are the things you should start celebrating today? Let me know in the comments below.

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