Don’t Take It Personally When People Don’t Buy From You

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Don't Take It Personally When People Don't Buy From You How To Deal With Rejection

Have you ever had a great conversation with a customer and she was so ready to buy and all of a sudden no replies at all? Have you ever had a customer at the checkout and suddenly she put everything down and left? Yup that feeling of rejection. When people don’t buy from you, it sucks!

I say rejection because let’s be honest, that’s exactly what it feels like!!


They say, don’t take it personally but you’re probably thinking it’s easier said than done.

I know I know… I’ve been there… I totally get what you mean!

Yes you’re damn right!

Don't Take It Personally When People Don't Buy From You

It’s so difficult not to take it personally when people don’t buy from you.

It’s your business, your products/services, your employees…

Let’s be honest, this is your baby. You literally started this thing from nothing.

Of course you are going to take it personally.

All the questions you’ve got in your head whenever that happens – “What did I do wrong?” “Did I say something offensive?”

As much as you want to blame it on yourself because it’s YOUR business, YOUR products/services, YOUR employees…

Most of the time, it has actually nothing to do with you!


In this blog post, you will look at your own buying behaviour and get an insight of why your customers don’t buy from you.

Look At Your Own Buying Behaviours

Let me ask you…

How many times have you walked into a store and walked out with nothing in your hands? Hmm so many times!

Have you ever abandoned your shopping cart online? More than I could think of…

What about looking at the menu at the front of a restaurant and a few minutes later walking out to check out something else? Guilty!

Never Take It Personally When People Don't Buy From You

Think about it for a minute, why did you do that? You probably didn’t do it because you hate the owner personally, right? It was most likely because of the following reasons…

Without further ado, let’s see what they are!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take It Personally When People Don’t Buy From You:

1, You Changed Your Mind

Your logical mind kicked in and reminded you that you are on a budget.

All of a sudden you feel like Italian instead of Thai. So many options out there…

You recalled that you don’t actually need that thing after all.


2, You Remembered Your Options

You realised you can get the same product somewhere else.

Perhaps cheaper… or just for the sake of convenience because you can get it delivered to your home.


3, You Got Distracted

OMG, this happens all the time!

Remember that time you got a message from a friend and you started talking to her and completely forgot about the things in your cart.


The response “no” doesn’t always mean “rejection”.

When you think about it, it could mean growth. You could use this opportunity to better understand your customers. For example, ask them questions to find out why they object your offer.

Most of the time their reasons have nothing to do with you personally and more about them.

By putting yourself in their shoes and understanding the reason behind it all can really help you make better sales conversations next time.

Will you stop blaming yourself today whenever someone give you a “no”?

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